Business literature, especially around startups & investing.

Business & Startups

Business Books

Zero to One

How to win friends and influence people

Hooked: Build Habit-Forming Products

AMZN 1997 Shareholder Letter

The Startup Playbook

Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development

Lessons from my 20s, by Ryan Allis

The Lean Startup

User Interface Design, by Alan Kay

Growth Hacking Manual


How to Write Email with Military Precision

Enriched Media

We Are Software People, Jeff Lawson (Twilio)

a16z VC thinking

Startup School Online 2017

How to Start a Startup, Stanford Fall 2014

Entrepreneurial Selling


Don’t Make Me Think

Products, by Sarah Tavel

Analytics playbook, by Amplitude

Achieving Product-Market Fit


Cracking the PM Interview

Decode & Conquer


Economic Principles, Ray Dalio

Principles, Ray Dalio

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Think and Grow Rich


a16z Crypto Cannon

Smart Contracts Primer, by CFTC

Living life

Be Useful, by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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